10 Travel Essentials You Should Bring to Your Happy Place

On Aug 26, 2022

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,” said some dude forever ago. If we’re talking in literal terms, screw the journey! I want to be there already! On the beach. With a tiny umbrella in my piña colada. But unfortunately, traveling just isn’t that simple. You usually have to fly, catch a train, or at least hitch a ride in a car. And did we mention packing? You can NOT forget those travel essentials.

And that’s what we’re here to talk about. Remembering to bring all the right stuff won’t necessarily make or break your vacation. But it’ll certainly minimize trips to the store when you should be catching rays or taking inappropriate selfies with statues. The travel essentials you’ll find in this guide will not only help you reach your destination, but also enjoy yourself when you get there. Plus, they feature artist-made designs that let you express your individuality.

Backpacks are the perfect carry-on.

Featured Design: “Internet Killed the Television Star” by kooky love

They’re not too big to fit under most plane seats and they’ll keep your belongings within easy reach. Their multiple compartments are great for storing things you’ll need on a long flight, like a neck pillow, a book, or headphones to drown out the infant that’s wailing behind you. Serenity now!

Travel Mugs keep your coffee hot for overnight drives.

Featured Design: “Beach Stack” by losereputation


If you drew the short straw and are taking the night shift driving on a road trip, a hot cup of joe can be a reliable co-pilot.  If coffee’s not your cup of tea, you can fill these mugs with water instead of buying bottled water.

Weekender Bags are for short, but sweet trips.

Featured Design: “Retro Radio” by BullyandBunny

Just as their name implies, these bags offer enough space to carry everything you need for an impromptu weekend getaway. A couple of outfits. An extra pair of shoes. Those Groucho Marx glasses for when you want to keep a low profile. Toss it all in and GO.

Zip Pouches keep your small, loose items organized.

“Flower Bucket” by hellofromthemoon

Get a few of these to store your toiletries, makeup, or even first aid supplies. You don’t want those smaller items to move around and get lost in the depths of your luggage, especially when you need them in a pinch.

Beach Towels keep you dry and happy.

Featured Design: “Save Ducky” by Steve Ash

Nothing’s worse than getting out of the water and realizing that you forgot to bring a towel. You just stand there dripping, hoping the sun does its job. Avoid this awkward situation by packing a Beach Towel to dry yourself off. Or, unfurl it over the sand when you want to lay out in the sun.

Tote Bags are an alternative to plastic shopping bags.

Featured Design: “C’est La Vie” by rhinosserossy

Do you plan on spending at least a part of your vacation picking up souvenirs and local goods? Instead of using disposable shopping bags that are harmful to the environment, remember to bring reusable Tote Bags. They’re practical, plus their artist-made designs make them an eye-catching fashion accessory.

Drawstring Bags have your back when you need them.

Featured Design: “Burgerman” by zackOlantern

Hitting up the beach? Going on a walking tour of the city? Hiking on a nature trail? Bring along a Drawstring Bag to carry the necessities like sunblock, water, and an umbrella. These bags aren’t as bulky as a backpack and they have a zipper pocket on the inside for smaller items like sunglasses or keys. It never hurts to be prepared!

Yoga Mats are designed for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Featured Design: “Geometric Mountains: Sunset” by waynem

If you’re one of those people who likes to maintain their exercise routine while on vacation, more power to you! When things get sweaty, these natural rubber Yoga Mats prevent you from sliding around with their sheared microfiber face and skid-resistant bottom. They’re also easy to roll up and take with you thanks to a carrying strap with looped ends.

Laundry Bags keep your clean and dirty clothes separate.

Featured Design: “Hectic Rain” by speakerine

You know what happens to clean clothes when they mix with dirty clothes? They all become dirty clothes. As you cycle through your vacation outfits, separate your recently worn garments and unmentionables in a Laundry Bag. That way when you get home you’ll know exactly what to toss in the wash.

Face Masks, because…you know.

Featured Design: “Peach Love 007” by Muktalata_Barua

When you’re on a fully booked flight or taking public transportation, you’re close to a lot of people. Uncomfortably close. So close you can hear their thoughts. That means there’s always a high potential for spreading germs. Face Masks give you and the people around you a layer of protection and a peace of mind.

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