Behind the revival of the Versace brand

Donatella's celebrity, classic designs and iconic status have made Versace a star once again. This brand is having a strong resurgence.


In 12 months, Versace went through a period of revival and the brand's logo was ubiquitous. The designs of the brand are worn by many celebrities at major events.

What to wear today?

Zendaya appeared at the BET Awards 2021 wearing a purple Versace dress. Dua Lipa attended the 2022 Grammy Awards in a black evening gown from the fall 1992 collection. At the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, the bride wore the famous Italian brand's high heels.

Besides the names mentioned above, many other stars also wear Versace clothes such as Olivia Rodrigo, Iris Law, Lil Nas X...

Famous people

What is unique about Versace is the way the brand became part of popular culture thanks to the celebrity. Much of the credit goes to leader Donatella Versace. Besides, the brand's designs are popular at used stores or on the resale market.

Young people seek liberation through fashion. They look to the glamorous and liberal designs of the Italian brand.

Versace is loved by many celebrities. This benefits the brand. Photo: W Magazine.

Versace is loved by many celebrities. This benefits the brand. Photo: W Magazine .

In 2022, the brand focuses on celebrities. Ever since Gianni Versace founded the brand with his brothers Donatella and Santo in 1978, he has been aware that scandalous rumors can benefit the brand.

He creates promotional photos, catwalk moments that go down in fashion history. The image of Sylvester Stallone and Claudia Schiffer naked, using Versace clothes to cover sensitive parts or Kate Moss wearing a dress decorated with syringes after detox left a deep impression on the public.

Gianni prioritizes letting celebrities wear clothes from brands. Names like Elton John, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey have helped Versace's costumes become more famous. At the same time, Gianni's actions help celebrities fall in love with the brand.

Donatella carried on this legacy from his brother. Making celebrities love the brand is also beneficial. The green silk chiffon dress that Jennifer Lopez wore has created a fever on social networks. The design was worn by the singer at the 2000 Grammy Awards and again at Milan Fashion Week 2019.

Hip hop group Migos released the Versace music video with words related to the brand. The MV has reached more than 38 million views.

The designs of the Italian brand create a sense of fantasy. Suitable for the post-translation period. Photo: Vogue.

The designs of the Italian brand create a sense of magic. Suitable for the post-translation period. Photo: Vogue .

Donatella often accompanies the brand's advertising campaigns. Most recently, Donatella appeared with Gigi and Bella Hadid in the Medusa Mini handbag ad campaign. In addition, Donatella also appeared in the movie Zoolander. The fact that the founder of the brand becomes famous is a good thing for the fashion house.

Through the media, Donatella has become a representative of the brand. She brings the image of wealth, luxury and luxury. This is in line with the spirit of the brand. Donatella understands this and uses it to make the brand stand out.

Time makes heroes

During an interview with GQ in 2018, Donatella described his brand as "the dream that everyone wants to be a part of". Versace's designs bring out the magic. This becomes a factor to attract customers after the pandemic.

The spirit of Versace is suitable for the young generation, who is looking to get out of the stressful atmosphere of the pandemic, economic recession. Times have helped the Italian brand rise and revive strongly.

Versace's classic dresses are sought after by many people. Photo: Glamor.

Versace's classic dresses are sought after by many people. Photo: Glamor .

Sites like Depop, TheRealReal and eBay allow audiences to easily search for items worn by celebrities. The RealReal sells thousands of clothes, accessories and jewelry from the Italian fashion house.

Compared to the first quarter of 2021, sales of Versace's classic designs in early 2022 have doubled. Demand rose sharply for Versace products of the 1990s and 2000s, up 206% over the same period last year.

The best-selling products are classic dress models. Their sales more than quadrupled last year. Clothing with brand logos increased by 259%.

Search engines say searches for the term "Versace classic dress" are up six-fold from a year ago.

According to Noelle Sciacca, senior director of The RealReal in charge of women's fashion, customers of various age groups are attracted to Versace.

She said: "Millennials - the generation that grew up with Versace - are hunting for classic designs. At the same time, Gen Z and the group of young Millennials are exposed to Versace through celebrities like Bella Hadid and Lizzo".

Donatella Versace is credited with reviving Versace. Photo: Vogue.

Donatella Versace is credited with reviving Versace. Photo: Vogue .

On social networks, accounts that love Italian brands like @versacepasserella and @datewithversace have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Ketevan Gagoshidze, account manager @datewithversace, said: "After the pandemic, I think we all remember feeling special. This is what makes Versace different. The key to its success lies in its success. in always reacting promptly to the present moment. At the same time, never turning away from one's identity".

In the fashion world, brands are always trying to find novelty. Meanwhile, Versace has never attempted to rebrand. The fashion house maintains a slant of luxury, sparkle, and sometimes flamboyance.

Besides, this brand will not have a strong revival if it misses the archival fashion trend. The 2000s aesthetic is really in vogue.


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