Fall Fashion Essentials Handbook

We are beyond thrilled that autumn is almost here. As August slowly draws to a close, we realize that the days of wearing a sundress and sandals are numbered—at least until May—and we start to get ready for autumn. We look forward to breathing in the crisp air, staying warm on particularly chilly days, and watching the leaves change to a fiery golden hue.


And before we know it, we'll be experiencing the first windy, chilly days of autumn. So why not stock up on a few wardrobe necessities to elegantly transition from these beautiful, sunny days of summer into the crisp, frigid days of September and beyond?

Here are a few tips to help you move smoothly from summer to autumn:


1. Light Jacket


Fall is the time to wear thin layers! Wear a jacket that gives off the impression that you are about to go apple picking to embrace this eagerly anticipated season.

2. Leggings Pants


This is a wonderful addition to your fall wardrobe. The leggings themselves are excellent; they are both inconspicuous and easy to match. A pair of leggings is a terrific option for those days when you don't want to think or don't know what to go out on the town.

3.  Tights


You've been wearing your legs out all summer — why not change things up a bit? Wear a pair of tights with your skirt to give your look a touch of autumn.

4. Sweaters


The ideal season for sweaters is fall, and I'll take any justification to pull on a thick knit. In the fall, I adore how a great sweater and excellent pair of jeans take the place of a great white shirt and fantastic pair of jeans. It's a cozier variation on a timeless look, and these are some of my faves.

5. Simple Boots


Finally, after a low few months of wishing we could break out, boot season has finally here! A colorful pair of boots may transform any look you throw together into one that is appropriate for the season.

6. Pretty Maxi Dress


Dresses aren't just worn in the spring and summer. Put on a maxi dress with long sleeves that go well with your boots.

7. Cute Autumnal Skirt


Not all the days of fall will be chilly. Give yourself some variation on those somewhat warmer days by donning an autumnal skirt that goes well with any fall ensemble.


Consider these ideas for your fall clothing. I hope you'll use some simple but extremely appropriate items this fall to spice up your appearance!


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