How to Cut a T-Shirt to Make it Cute in the Neck?

On Aug 23, 2022

4 Easy Ways to Modify Your T Shirt (with Pictures)

If you have an old t-shirt laying around that could use a fun update, cutting the neckline is a quick and easy way to make it look more flattering. Whether you prefer a scoop neck or a v-neck, you can personalize your shirt to match your style. For a more interesting and unique neckline, you can even make a choker v-neck!

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1.Scoop Neck
Changing a classic t-shirt into a scoop neck is pretty easy! A scoop neck has a rounded edge and a deep curve dipping down toward the chest. You see this design most often in women’s shirts.
- Start with the basic preparation steps at the beginning of this article.
- Next, find the fold that marks the center front of the shirt.
- Use a tape measure and chalk to decide how deep you want to cut the new scoop neck. For example, you can mark one inch down from the current collar, or two inches, or even three inches for a super deep scoop.
This mark shows the deepest point of the scoop neck. Use your chalk to draw half of the scoop going up to the shoulder seam. You can use a curved ruler to help draw this edge if you have one.
- Use your scissors to cut along this line.
That’s it! You could fold over the edge you just cut and hem it with a sewing machine if you prefer, but the raw edge will not fray and will give your shirt an edgy look.

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2. V Neck
A V-neck dips down to a V-shaped point at the center front of the neck, though you can find V-neck shirts with a deep cut or a shallow V. This style is popular for both men and women.

Prep your shirt and locate the fold at the center front of the tee.
- Use a tape measure and chalk to mark the tip of the V. If you measure several inches down the center fold, you will create a deep V. If you measure just an inch down the fold, you will have a shallow V.
- Now draw a straight line from that point to a point you choose on the original collar. For a wide V, select a point toward the shoulder seam, and for a narrow V, pick a point on the collar itself.
- Cut along your chalk lines.
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3. Off The Shoulder
If you want a more glamorous style, try an elegant off-the-shoulder t-shirt! This trendy look shows up most often in women’s fashions. You can style this kind of tee so that both your shoulders remain bare or drape the top so that one shoulder remains covered and the other is bare.

Prep the shirt by folding it in half. Locate the fold at the center front.
- Next, take your own measurements. To do this, imagine where you want the off-the-shoulder neckline to drape across your collar bones. Place the tip of the measure at your shoulder where the shoulder seam will fall, and then drape the flexible measure to the center of your collarbone, mimicking how you want the neckline to drape over your body. Note down this measurement.
- Now, place the measure on the folded tee and repeat exactly what you did on your body. Place the tip of the measure at the shoulder seam and drape the measure until you reach the center fold using the same measurement you noted down.
- Draw a chalk line to trace the tape measure.
- Cut along this line.

Peekaboo Front Boat Neck Tee ⋆ Women's Store4. Peekaboo Neck
- You can create a quirky style in any t-shirt by simply tracing a shape and cutting it out of the shirt just below the existing collar. Place the cutout at the center front or offset by angling it to one side below the collar.

One of the easiest ways to get a perfect cutout is to trace a cookie cutter inside the shirt and then use sharp scissors to cut around the line you drew.
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5. Choker
You can easily turn pretty much any knit shirt into a choker style. A choker shirt features a collar close to the neck and then an opening cut out below this, creating the illusion of a choker strap like a necklace.
- Turn your shirt inside out and arrange it with the front of it smoothed out facing up at you.
- Pick a point at the center front of the shirt for the tip of the V-shaped cutout. Mark this with chalk.
- Use a curved ruler to draw two perfect lines connecting the tip to the sides of the original collar.
- Draw one more chalk line tracing the bottom edge of the original collar. You should now have a chalk outline forming a V with a curved top.
- Use sharp scissors to cut along this line, removing this portion from the front of the shirt.

Have you ever upcycled a t-shirt by cutting the neckline into a new shape? If not, try it now!

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