Lions’ Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes pulling hilarious shirt gag

On May 25, 2023

The Detroit Lions have a running gag between coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes—and it’s gold.

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Back during the 2023 NFL DraftDetroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes sported a hilarious sweater with Dan Campbell on it.

“It came across my desk the other day, and man, told you all, this is my brother, my guy,” Holmes said.

The two, both hired in 2021, have talked about their constant admiration for each other. Even more, the two have seemingly been on the same page about their vision with the team.

So it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that Campbell returned the favor to Holmes on Thursday, the first day of OTA practices open to the media. Campbell sported a shirt with a picture of Holmes wearing the sweater with him on it.

And while this is definitely a funny gag—and I hope the duo continue to do this until we can’t even tell what’s on the shirt anymore—defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn talked about the bigger picture here: how important it is that the coach and general manager are getting along.

“I’ve had a chance to be with a couple of other organizations, and I will tell you this: I’ve learned not only what to do, but what not to do, and what not to do may be more important,” Glenn said. “But you see the relationship between our head coach and our GM and that’s how it should be.”

Personally, I wouldn’t rather have it any other way. This team is fun, functional, and memeing. What else could you want?

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