Lynn Ballard wears Confederate flag shirt

On Mar 12, 2022

Ballard was photographed at the event next to the group’s executive director, George Singleton, who is black, while wearing the shirt that read: “Used but not used up.”

The garden in Greenville’s Belle Mead section is also in a predominantly black neighborhood, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The Washington-based advocacy joined Singleton in calling on Ballard to publicly apologize.

Reached for comment Wednesday, Ballard told The Post he intends to address the T-shirt at a council meeting next Tuesday. The Missouri native first elected in 2014 did not elaborate, but he claimed to the Post and Courier he didn’t even realize what was on his shirt at the time.

“I didn’t even know there was a damn Confederate flag on there,” Ballard told the newspaper. “The shirt says ‘Used but not used up’ and it shows a guy restoring an old motorcycle. I didn’t even realize there was a Confederate flag on the shirt.”

Ballard had the offending shirt on beneath another garment that he took off when it got too hot, he told the newspaper. He posted the photo on his Facebook profile, but it’s since been deleted.

“The spinach in the first two beds is growing well and a third bed was planted today,” Ballard recalled in another post. “Nothing is more rewarding than planting a garden, watching it grow, and reaping the fruits of your labor.”

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Bruce Wilson, a community activist who is seeking a state House of Representatives seat, said after he was sent a screenshot of the post, he checked Ballard’s Facebook page and then sent his own screenshot to other members of Greenville County Council. Wilson said Tuesday he has not heard from any of them. Ballard has since deleted the photo. Asked about the photo, Ballard said in an email, “I will address this from the dias,” referring to next council meeting, March 15. Wilson said too much time had passed since he asked for Ballard to apologize. Now he thinks Ballard should resign. “Why would you apologize to the county council and not apologize to the community,” Wilson said.


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