Polo Shirts - The Best Option For Sophisticated Elegance

On Aug 12, 2023

Among all the shirts a man can own, a polo shirt is one of the most functional. It's likely that you already have a variety of these shirts, and any Classic wardrobe will benefit from having at least one polo to function as a casual sport shirt that is particularly well-suited for warmer weather. Polo shirts combine well with various clothes, including chinos, shorts, seersucker, and Madras, making them a versatile addition to your collection for formal occasions and casual outings.

The history of the men's polo shirt

Tennis players continued to compete in matches while sporting white long-sleeve shirts in the 1920s. René Lacoste, a well-known French tennis player, thought these shirts were overly warm and offered only limited mobility.  

The History of the Polo Shirt From Rene Lacoste Through Ralph Lauren

Lacoste made the decision to create a shirt better suited for athletic endeavors after getting inspiration from polo players' attire. Three buttons were added to the short sleeves' piqué cotton construction. He also made the decision to include the well-known "green crocodile" insignia on the chest in honor of his moniker "Le Crocodile."

The History of the Polo Shirt | The Rake

And 90 years after its introduction, the polo shirt continues to exude a classic elegance. However, as with men's shirts, etiquette guidelines have been introduced over time regarding wearing a polo shirt.

The right fit of the men's polo shirt

There are many things to think about if you want to know how to dress men's polo shirts stylishly. This involves both the length of the polo shirt as well as how well it fits your torso and neck. We go over the key details with you!

9 best polo shirts for 2023, including Lacoste, Gant and Paul Smith | The  Sun

The most crucial element you should consider while purchasing a polo shirt is mobility of movement. A polo shirt with intricate details and a thin fit is an excellent option for men with an athletic build. It flatteringly emphasizes the body contour. However, men who prefer the burgundy lifestyle are best off choosing a polo with a straight fit that is relaxed and comfortable. Verify that you can fit one finger between the collar and the neck. Remember that 100% cotton polo shirts may shrink after being washed.

What is the ideal amount of polo shirts for men?

Best men's polo shirts 2023: Fred Perry to Lacoste | British GQ

Your particular preference will determine how many polo shirts you should acquire, but in general, adding a few polo shirts in timeless hues and patterns to your collection of classic casual shirts is always a smart idea.

What colors are the best for polo shirts?

Types of Polo Shirts: The Best Style Guide for Polos

In a classic menswear wardrobe, colors like white, gray, navy, blue, and green will be incredibly adaptable, but since polo shirts are more informal and frequently worn in warmer weather, you can also take bolder pastel options like yellow, orange, and pink into consideration.

What kind of fabric works best for polo shirts?

Although cotton makes up the majority of polo shirts, other high-quality natural fibers like wool, linen, and silk may be a better choice for you, depending on your needs. Synthetic fibers should generally be avoided unless you want to use the polo for sports and like performance textiles.

Polo Shirt Outfit Inspiration For Men: 20 Cool Looks For 2023

Each variety of polo shirt has special qualities that are adapted to various preferences, personal preferences, and situational needs. The polo shirt is a crucial component of your wardrobe, whether you're trying to convey a sporty look, a polished preppy vibe, or an air of sophisticated refinement. Pick the appropriate products to showcase your unique sense of style!





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