Survive College with These Dorm Room Necessities

On Aug 26, 2022

To all the incoming freshmen getting ready to move into their college dorms, you’re about to experience the best years of your life. To be honest, there will definitely be challenges along the way. But you’ll have an easier time acclimating to college life if you arrive prepared with the proper dorm room necessities.

Add character to your room with ready-to-hang art.

Featured Designs: “Burgerman” Fine Art Print by zackOlantern | “Your Mind's Eye” Framed Fine Art Print by Steven Rhodes | “If Not Now Venn” Tapestry by Nathan W. Pyle | “Fungi Forest” Stretched Canvas by episodicDrawing

Worried about making new friends? Chances are you’ll have a lot of visitors coming in and out of your room during your first few days on campus. Wall decorations not only set the vibe of your new living space, but they’re also conversation starters that might catch the attention of floor mates with similar interests.

Don’t think about how gross the floor is. Just cover it.

Featured Design: “Modern Day Banana Leaf” by mmartabc

Like a grizzled veteran, your dorm-room floor has seen some shit over the years. Whether it’s carpet, tile, or hardwood, cover as much of it as you can, especially if you plan to walk around barefoot.

Make your room guest-friendly.

Featured Designs: “Nap Time, All the Time” by Nan Lawson | “Let That Shit Go” by Estef Azevedo | “Retro Radio” by Bully and Bunny | “Make a Smile” by digitalcarbine | “Color Bomb!” by badbugs_art | “Margarita Reading” by sagepizza | “Quiet Night” by Steven Rhodes | “Birds of a Feather” by arzie13 | “Arcade Expressionism” by Laser Bread

If you plan to have groups of people over for study sessions or impromptu hangouts, show your visitors some good ol’ hospitality with Throw Pillows. Toss them on your futon for comfortable back support. Or, if your room is too tiny for a futon, use them as floor seats. If you choose the latter, the bigger the pillow the better.

Sneak in naps whenever you can.

Featured Design: “A Cloudy Night” by spookylili

Have you ever stayed up to watch the sun rise? It’s such a wonderful sight, except when you’re running on fumes after a whole night of cramming for a test, writing a 10-page report, and prepping for a class presentation. When you finally have time to spare, cocoon yourself in a Fleece Blanket and take a power nap, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Heck, bring it to the library if you have to.

For goodness sake, protect your feet!

Featured Design: “Ahhhhh. Time to Relax.” by HabbyArt

Word to the wise, don’t put your trust in other people’s feet. We’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out why. If you have to shower in a communal bathroom, wear flip-flops to be safe. If you’re lucky enough to have your own bathroom for you and your roommates , make sure you at least have a Bath Mat.

Keep your laundry in check.

Featured Design: “Glossary” by A Tarrisse

Piles of dirty clothes have this strange tendency to keep growing and growing. Space is pretty limited in a dorm room, so it won’t take long for your dirty laundry to look like an eyesore. Your best solution is to get one or two Laundry Bags to prevent your unmentionables from encroaching on your roomie’s half of the room. That’s just being a good roommate!

Balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Featured Designs: “Periwinkle Plant” by rlthull

Between classes, extracurricular activities, and flippy cup, you’ll most certainly have a jam-packed schedule. No matter how busy you get, make sure you carve out time to take care of yourself. If you’re into the yoga lifestyle, our natural rubber Yoga Mats are easy to roll up and take to the quad for a good stretch out in the sun. Breathe deep, clear your mind, and get ready to tackle the rest of your day. There’s so much to accomplish!

It might take some time to get used to being away from home, but in the end, college should be a fruitful experience that teaches you about yourself and the world around you. With these dorm room necessities, you’re setting yourself up for success right out of the gate. Just remember to have some fun every now and then.

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