What Is Christmas In July? And December?

On Aug 26, 2022

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is your once-a-year chance to celebrate all the things you love about Christmas: the fun, the family, the parties, the cozy fireplaces.
  Now, think about all the things you love about summer: the fun, the family, the parties, the cozy firepits.
  Replace the inside fires with outside fires and you have Christmas in July, a “Half Christmas” celebration that just makes July jolly.

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Who started Christmas in July?

How did this half-holiday festivity come to be? We’ve heard of multiple sources:
  It can be hot on December 25th in Australia because of globe science. So those fun-loving Aussies started celebrating in their winter, or mid-July. When the Brits got to Australia, they brought the idea that Christmas is a cold-weather holiday. That means July when you’re down under. Or up above, as they call it.
  In the early 1930s, a summer camp in North Carolina started the celebration and it just caught on. The kids loved the chance to decorate their cabins and sing carols. (And, of course, everybody got presents.) They were more arts and crafts than bicycles and baby dolls, but a gift is a gift.
  It’s the title of a not very popular movie from 1940. The movie didn’t “make” the holiday, but by the time 1940 rolled around, people were already way into the idea of summer celebrating.

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When is Christmas in July?
 There’s no official date for Christmas in July. It can be all month long or just a weekend or a happy hour on the day of your choosing.

How to celebrate Christmas in July?
  You can celebrate by doing traditional summer things with a Christmas twist.
Or you can celebrate by doing traditional Christmas things with a summer twist.

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The point is, there’s no “right way” or “wrong way” to celebrate this midsummer night’s dream of a holiday.
- Watch Christmas movies from a kiddie pool
- Give the gift of giving gifts
- Make it more meaningful and share the merry

How about Christmas in December?

Christmas, the holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, is celebrated by a majority of Christians on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar.

How did we come to celebrate Christmas?

How to celebrate Christmas in December?

Home And Street Decoration
  For many people, half the fun of the holiday is putting up beautiful decorations and twinkling lights. Consider putting up decorations right after Thanksgiving or even earlier. That way, you can enjoy them throughout the entire season. Ask friends and family to help, and turn it into a fun decorating party.
  Provide the decorations. Use decorations you already have with a few new additions each year.

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Play festive Christmas music to enjoy while decorating.
Finish the night with hot chocolate as everyone enjoys the beautifully decorated house.

Bedazzle all indoor spaces. Add wreaths and swags to doors, wrap lights around the edges of the walls, and hang stockings by the mantle or on the walls. Paint windows with a washable paint to create snow scenes and holiday images. Even a bathroom can be decorated by using holiday themed soaps and hand towels. Cover outdoor spaces with lights and add holiday themed inflatables to the yard.

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Christmas Gift
  Consider giving a child or other loved one a gift.The gifts don't have to be expensive or large, but thoughtful and sweet. There are a variety of different gifts that can be given:
- Stickers
- Candy
- Homemade coupons for a special evening out or a massage
- Tickets to an event
- A candle for a special dinner
- A Christmas CD
- Homemade cookies or goodies
- Homemade cards or drawings
- A photograph in a beautiful frame
- An ornament
- A puzzle

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Send Christmas Greetings
  Many families send Christmas cards and greetings, which is an effective way to enjoy the holiday and remember loved ones. If time is limited, consider sending an email with a family photo attached. If time allows, write a personal message to each person on the list and send it inside of a festive card. It will not only be fun to send, but it will help to put the recipient into a festive mood, too.
  Sending cards can be easy and fun if you do a few things first:
- Gather all addresses and email addresses from address books, email, and phone contact lists.
- Have all the supplies readily available such as stamps, cards, pen, paper, and addresses in one place.
- Listen to Christmas music while writing out the cards to create the mood.

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Holiday Parties
  Many people like to host their own Christmas party sometime during the month of December. There are a lot of ways to celebrate with friends and loved ones, such as hosting a gift or ornament exchange. You could also gather people together to watch some holiday films and drink hot chocolate.
  Families who really want to make the most of the season should not only host a party, but should make an effort to attend all the parties they are invited to attend. Though it may be a hectic time of the year, most hosts and hostesses will appreciate it if the people they invite make the effort to attend.

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No matter how you decide to celebrate, what is important is that you are with those you love. It is also important that to remember the reason for the holiday. Do not to focus so much on staying busy or getting gifts, but instead on spending time focusing on those things that that really matter!

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