What To Wear At The Mid - Autumn Festival?

On Aug 10, 2023

It's almost Mid-Autumn Festival, a day set aside for families to get together, take a break from their hectic schedules, and have a wonderful family supper. The Mid-Autumn Festival has its roots in the traditional Chinese story of Chang'e, a heroine who gave her life to save those she loved. The attire that individuals wear during this celebration is one of its most charming features. This blog post will introduce you to the history of Mid Autumn Festival attire as well as current fashion trends.

Mid-Autumn Festival: Celebrations in China | Pima County Public Library

I. The history of the Mid - Autumn Festival's attire
People have worn special clothing to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival ever since the beginning of time. For instance, the custom dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) in China and Vietnam. It was believed that wearing new apparel for the ceremony would bring good fortune and symbolize new beginnings. Honoring Chang'e, the moon goddess, was another reason to dress in the finest attire.

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 Mass Lantern Walk - Little Day Out

II. What to wear at the Mid - Autumn festival?

1. Traditional Dress

The Ao Dai is the preferred outfit for the Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam. This sophisticated ensemble consists of a long, form-fitting tunic over wide-legged pants. Intricate designs and vivid colors are frequently used at Ao Dai to celebrate the festival's spirit of joy and community. 

Ao Dai Experience in Da Nang with Viet Sense Banh Mi and Coffee | Vietnam -  KKday

2. Casual Clothes

You should dress comfortably for this event because you will be eating delectable mooncakes and tangyuan. T-shirts, jeans, and dresses in the casual modern style can work. Consider donning apparel with the moon or lantern designs to add a dash of heritage.

How to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) - The Woks of Life

Photos show difference between old and modern Full Moon Festival  celebrations

3. Outfit colors

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If you have plans to attend the moon cake festival this year, red clothing, whether it be a dress, polo shirt, or t-shirt, is a fantastic idea for you—as long as you feel confident and at ease wearing it. Red is a lucky and happy hue, so wearing it will help you and your loved ones have a happy and memorable Mid-Autumn Festival.

Áo Dài - Vietnamese Traditional Clothes || Mid-Autumn Festival Vietnam |  Mực, Thời trang, Thời trang nữ

China Portable Blossom Lotus Flower Light Lamp DIY material bag Party  Glowing Lantern For Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Dancing Props

The Mid Autumn Festival is a time to honor the value of kinship and tradition. Clothing has been a major part of celebrating this occasion throughout history. Clothing worn at the Mid Autumn Festival continues to be a representation of cultural pride and refinement, from the regal Hanfu to the graceful Ao Dai and the contemporary fusion styles. Let's embrace the spirit of diversity and harmony that permeates every costume as we commemorate this beloved event.

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