How remove static from shirt? 11 simple tips to get rid of.. static cl

On Mar 04, 2022

How remove static from shirt? 11 simple tips to get rid of.. static clothing!

Everyone knows the problem - static clothing! We've got 11 simple tips to get rid of this problem! Nobody likes having bubble gum in their hair, the same thing with clothes sticking together. One of the most annoying laundry-related problems you’ll ever come across, static cling can happen to anyone. From causing mayhem in your wardrobe to leaving your hair standing on end, static clothing has been the source of far too many personal horror stories just to ignore it. Fortunately, with a few clever drying tips from Lenor, you can not only prevent, but also put an end to static cling once and for all!

What Causes Static in Clothes?

When different fabrics rub against each other, for example inside your tumble dryer, an electrostatic charge starts to build up in your clothes (mainly those made from synthetic fabrics), causing them to stick to your body like they were glued on you. In more scientific terms, your clothes develop static charge as an effect of electrons (negatively charged subatomic particles) moving from one material to the other, resulting in an imbalance between negative and positive charges in the two fabrics. As objects with opposite charges attract each other, the two fabrics will soon be as inseparable as fish and chips. Static cling in clothing is especially noticeable in low humidity environments, when the air has a reduced moisture content, which would otherwise act as a natural conductor and earth any potential static charge.

Dry air and friction create electrical charge in your clothes (and hair) which can result in the crackling of your clothes while putting them on or getting shocked when you touch someone. You'll notice that in winter, static electricity builds up quicker than in summer. This is especially noticeable when humidity is low - for example through using more heating indoors. In addition to drought, there are also some types of fabric that build an electric charge much quicker, like polyamide, acrylic and wool.

Now that we know what causes static electricy, we want to give you 11 simple tips to prevent static clothing!

  1. Metal hanger

Before putting on your favorite silk shirt or top, glide a metal clothing hanger through the inside of the item - the metal discharges the electricity, thereby removing the static. Got no metal hanger at home? Don't worry, you can also use another metal item! 

  1. Safety pin 

Hiding a metal safety pin into the inside seam or pocket of your garment. The metal prevents that static electricity conducts by touching something - easy and nobody sees it!

  1. Change your shoes

Do you like to wear leather shoes (for preference with a leather sole)? Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes! Wearing leather shoes will help you stay grounded while leather does not build-up electrical charge as easily as a rubber sole. 

  1. Washing fixes

If you want to preventively unload your clothes? Add during a machine wash a little bit of vinegar or a small tin foil ball into the washing machine. Caution; don't add tin foil into the dryer and don't use vinegar with bleach - a dangerous gas may occur.

  1. Fabric softener

Use fabric softer to your wash - it's gives a fine fragrance to your clothes and feels soft - fabric softeners contain chemicals designed to stop electricity from building. 

  1. Dryer

In clothing, static cling occurs from static electricity, which is usually due to rubbing, therefore lay your clothes flat to dry. Air drying is better to preserve your clothing and prevents it from developing too much electrical charge. If you want to use the dryer, use the following tips to prevent your clothes from static cling:

  • Place one or two dryer balls in your dryer. They help prevent clothes from becoming too stiff - without chemicals - and reduce the contact between the clothes and the dryer machine, which result in less static electricity. As soon as the dryer stops cycle, remove it.
  • Place a damp washcloth in the dryer for the last 10 minutes - it prevents the air inside the drying machine from becoming too dry. This tip also works best if you pull out the clothes as soon as the cycle stops.
  1. The Laundress Static Solution Spray
  • A simple solution to get rid of static clothing! Spray directly between the two fabrics causing static, wait a few seconds and flatten the fabric with your hands for the best result - a necessary product to carry at all times!
  1. Hairspray
  • Hairspray holds your hair in place for hours, but is also a quick and effective solution to discharge static electricity from your clothing. Turn your garment inside out and hold the spray 30 centimeters or more from your clothing - so you avoid spots - and spritz.
  1. Body lotion
  • It feels soft and moisturizes your skin and it prevents that silk shirts stick on your skin. Avoid this very easily by rubbing your skin with lotion.
  1. Freezer
  • A static sweater or shirt? Put it in the freezer for half an hour and it discharges static electricity from your clothing.
  1. Natural Fibers
  • If you want to prevent static electricity issues going forward, it's probably just to buy clothes made out of natural fibers like cotton and linen.

How to Stop Static in Clothes

Now that you know all the right steps to protect yourself against the appearance of static cling on your laundry, it’s time to give you a few handy tips on how to remove static from clothes altogether:

  • Moisturise your skin before getting dressed. This will increase the humidity in the surface layers of your skin, which will prevent fabrics from clinging to it.
  • Rub a dryer sheet over your clothes. Hold the garment away from your body and rub the underside of the fabric with your choice of Lenor Dryer Sheet.

  • Spray your clothes with water using a spritzer bottle. The plan is to wet the fabric slightly in any area where you feel the static cleaning to you. This will help remove the static quickly, but make sure not to spray too much or over too large of an area.

  • Use metal to remove static from clothes. After the washing and the drying, but before the putting the garments on, grab a clothing hanger made of metal and move it smoothly over your static-prone clothes. Gliding a metal hanger between your skin and your clothes can also be a useful tactic against static cling when you simply don’t have time for undressing, but other small metal objects can also do the trick.

  • Boost the humidity in your house. This might help you fend off all static problems in the future. All you have to do is buy a humidifier at your local DIY or hardware shop and set it up in the room where you dry or store your clothes. Static is especially common in the winter when the air is very dry, which the humidifier will counter by raising the number of water molecules in the air, causing the static on your clothes to die down over time.


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